Monday, March 3, 2008


"As per Spencer's request, I'm bloggin about my screenprint experience. It ain't no new thing to me. We've been fooling around with screenprinting since we were young pubescent college nerds at VCU. Spencer built his first DIY table using a shop vac, a bathroom stall door and some duct tape. Soon after he installed a foot switch for the vacuum, so our neighbors heard a loud "VWOOOOOOOOM" every ten seconds for hours on end.

After a brief "9-5 job" related hiatus, getting back into the dig has been a lot of fun, and it feels easier than ever since we're not working in a tiny closet-sized space anymore. So fun that i've moved my drawing desk right next to the screenprinting table. Hopefully I can quit my job soon and Spencer will hire me to wash out screens for minimum wage.

Keep an eye out, we should have another poster coming soon. We'll at least try to crank out a second run of "Daibutsu" for those who weren't able to pick one up the first time around. A big thank you goes out to Spencer for getting Team 8 Press going, to the participating artists, and to all of our friends in the Richmond community who encourage these great projects."


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Team 8 Press said...

I SPY HORN!! It'll never die. It's Okay though. Anyway, Thanks to Ellie for helping out with the printing so much. Check out her photography at here.
Also a big shout out to Karen who also assisted in return for some help with her homework. Check out her illustration here.