Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Work: Bizhan Khodabandeh

Some recent projects I have been working on.

Click on images to enlarge.

Poster design for a film showing of Beautiful Boxer. The film is based on the famous Thai boxer, Nong Toom. The academy I train at, Richmond BJJ Academy, will perform a Muay Thai demonstration before the film.

Film info:
Free February 9th at Gallery5.
Potluck begins 6PM
Muay Thai demonstration 7PM
Film showing begins 7:30PM

Posters for the SAYLOVE exhibition at Gallery5. The exhibition's mission is to present different perspectives of Love & Hate. The exhibition also involves audience participation in defining both Love & Hate. Designing an interactive poster was the best solution. More info can be found on Gallery5's website.

Exhibition info:
Opening reception 7PM January 8th
Say Love is a project that celebrates the triumphs and struggles of the LGBT community. This month-long event, exhibition and public-arts project is about inclusion and will showcase regional and nationally known visual and performing artists. This event will partner with numerous community organizations, non-profits and businesses to bring awareness to our under-represented GLBT community. This event is intended to not only express ourselves through art, but to inform all demographics across the board of the passions, struggles and triumphs we face.

Say Love is proudly brought to you by:
The Say Love Project
WRIR 97.3
The Rainbow Minute
Gay Fathers Coalition of Richmond

Featuring Works by:
James Robertson
Aaron McIntosh
Lilly McElroy
L Weingarten
Kristina Willemse
Jesse Finley Reed
Eric Russell
William Davis
Kevin Orlosky

First two fully colored pages of The Little Black Fish. I still might make some changes. This is just the beginning stage of the coloring process. Out of the three approaches to coloring I have tried so far, the above version seems to work best. I am also thinking about using Art Rage as a method of coloring with more texture, but I am not sure yet.

The top logo is one of the versions I like, but wasn't appropriate for the client. We decided on the bottom logo since it would be more versitile by only using one color. The color choice is still undecided.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ben Bernanke and Bear Troy

Here's a new one for Stocks & Commodities. What we have here is Ben Bernanke using some crafty techniques to do battle w/ the economic crisis. I'm a huge history buff so naturally this was a lot of fun to work on. Hopefully it'll be on the cover some time next month.

Some details:


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Call for entries!


José María Heredia - poet: inspired the Cuban people to stand up and fight against Spain.

Seymor Chwast-designer - illustrator: his anti-war poster "End Bad Breath" indirectly encouraged the anti-war movement
of the 70's.

John Lenin and Yoko Ono - famous musicians/artists: created the powerful anti-war campaign stating "THE WAR IS OVER...if you want it to be."

What makes statement driven art so emotionally powerful? It being witness to a piece of work that creates a bond between you, the viewer and the creator of the piece. A bond that can change the direction of thought and purpose.
A successfully executed statement driven piece can be the catalyst that inspires the average person into an active agent for change. Art exists in societies to create shared dialogues and experiences. No matter the medium, art and artists can be the spark to establishing a commonality, to allow us to empathize with each other and encourage altruistic pursuits for the greater good.

Dedicated to social awareness, Gallery5 invites visual and performing artists to submit their statement focused work to Repressed V: Free to Speak.

More info and an application can be downloaded here.

Sleight of Hand II: National Juried Contemporary
Craft Competition.

The Sleight of Hand II exhibition at Gallery5 seeks craft-makers who push the boundaries and definitions of craft. Craft-making is too often pigeon-holed into traditional definitions of basic utilitarian objects in clay, glass, wood, or metal. In reality, most craft-makers are not unlike fine artists in many respects. They push new concepts, introduce new materials and techniques, expand old techniques and use traditional materials in new ways. Gallery5 invites craft-makers fitting this criteria to submit their works to Sleight of Hand II.

Artists must be a resident of the United States

Up to $1000 in prizes
Jurors: TBA

Submission Fee: $20 for up to three works, $5 each additional work.
Submission Deadline: Wednesday, January 6th.
Notification of Selected Artists: Saturday, January 9th

Accepted artwork must be delivered to Gallery5 no later than Friday, January 29th.
Artwork must be packed in reusable packaging with return shipping label included.

Opening Reception and Award Ceremony: Friday, February 5th.
Exhibition Ends: Friday, February 26th.

Application can be downloaded here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goulash: You missed the opening

Here's photos from the opening of our current show at GallowLily's. Thanks to Russ for the images here and the earlier process images.

Goulash: more process pics

Here's more images of us setting up for the current show at GallowLily's.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Goulash follow up

Our current show at GallowLily's entitled Goulash is still up until the end of the month. The opening was back on the sixth of November and was extremely packed for the tiny little space. I'll have a bunch more pics soon from the opening, but for now here's some images of Matt screen printing and prepping the walls before the art was hung.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Team Eight-er James Callahan recently had an art show in Melbourne, Australia in the gallery Until Never. Read more about the show, entitled ENDLESS BUMMER: THE ART OF BARF. Featured in it was our very own Cross-Corporate Synergetics huge collabo print. Among many other of Barf's screened posters, a few skate decks and some album covers.

Oddly enough the show got some sweet coverage by American artist Jeff Soto, who was also in town to do a talk for Semi-Permanent. See it here on Fecal Face Dot Com (scroll half way down).

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hair'em Scare'em

Some of my art is included in a book released this month by Gestalten. It's called Hair'em Scare'em, and it's dedicated to contemporary art and design themed around hair. Here's the publisher's description:

Hair'em Scare'em presents an extraordinary exploration through the fascinating beauty and inventive possibilities of hair as a medium for artistic expression in contemporary art and design. The book documents this palpable trend into a visual sourcebook that presents a captivating collection of hairy works in graphic design, photography, illustration and art as well as interior design, fashion and jewelry design. The extraordinary works featured in this book are the best indication of trends in hair outside the mainstream.

Here are some of the featured spreads from the book's website. Click here or on any images to be redirected there.

Monday, October 26, 2009

SI deadline

For all those interested the Society of Illustrators Juried Annual Show's deadline is the Friday, Oct. 30th. Here's more info for all those interested:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Upcoming Team Eight show at GallowLily's Nov.6th-27th

For those of you that don't know, GallowLily's is the small gallery located upstairs in Gallery5 next to their main gallery. We're planning to set up our screen printing equipment and help passersby pull prints all night, so don't miss the opening. Friday November 6th. 7pm.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Work

I'm super excited since my first illustration I did for The Progressive just hit stands. I've been dying to work with them because I love what they do and they use great illustrators. Here's a sample from the magazine:

click here to see a larger version of the illustration on my blog.

Here's another illustration for them about New Orleans unemployment. This one will be in their next issue.

Finally, these portraits are for a regular gig I've been doing for Time Out Chicago. They're for a column called "The Hot Seat" which features a notable cook from the Chicago area every week. More to come.

Also, good news! For all those interested, The Progressive was able to raise the funds they needed to stay afloat.



Sunday, August 30, 2009


Seen above: screen-printed poster to be cut vertically.

Seen above: select ceramic bones.

Friday, Sept. 4th
at the Lucent Phoenix Resource Center
located in Gallery5
200 W. Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23220
804 644 0005

When Dinos Ruled RVA! is a publics arts project as faux archaeological dig. There Once Was A Rebellion's (T.O.W.A.R.) Public Arts Collective has buried 20 sculpted ceramic "dinosaur bones" around the city of Richmond. Maps of the bones' whereabouts will be placed near the dig sites - as well as The Lucent Phoenix Resource Center - with clues to help the People of Richmond find them. People are then to take the bones to the Lucent Phoenix before or during the opening reception, Friday, September 4th, to receive a prize. The opening reception of When Dinos Ruled RVA! will include dino themed refreshments, cartoons, prizes, shirts, posters and more! Please joins us in this fun adventure to promote the public arts and acknowledge our magnificent predecessors whom have shared our planet earth.

Below are jpgs of the maps to find the dinosaurs. Just click on them to see a larger image. X MARKS THE SPOT!