Sunday, May 18, 2008


Barry was sweet enough to come down from NYC just to print a poster with us:

"After Spencer and Matt Deans showed up at my door at 2:30 am to crash on my couch, we joked about funny scenarios featuring some of my dictator drawings until some of them actually seemed like a good idea to print. Robert Mugabe was a great choice since he's all over news right now about withholding election results and whatnot. Spencer and I have have been talking about doing something together for awhile, but that's been difficult since I moved to Brooklyn. But when I was in RVA for two weeks in May house/dog sitting, it all worked out.

"I used to screen print a lot in high school doing mainly my band's merchandise, but since then I've lost touch with it even though I still have all my equipment somewhere. But to use a cliche metaphor, it was like "riding a bike." Granted, Spencer did all the exposure stuff, and I just sort of showed up when it came time to drag the ink across the finished screen, but I do think I took a lot away from the experience. The Mugabe print turned out great and I'm looking forward to later in the summer when Spencer and I are tentatively going to print some other stuff. Maybe more dictator posters, maybe some shirts. We'll see what happens. Thanks Spencer!"


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