Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kelly Alder prints!!

Kelly has been been jealously eyeing the squeegees in our studio for a few months now. It was starting to get a little creepy, but don't worry he finally got his chance to pull swipes on his very own poster. Here's his take on the experience:

"Spencer was nice enough to include popidiot in Team8press' ongoing silkscreen poster series of local RVA artist's/illustrators. If I had known at the time that I had to follow it up with some writing I may have reconsidered but it's too late for that now so here goes.

Having not done any silkscreening since my one and only attempt at it way back when I was a sophomore at VCU, needless to say I was a bit rusty and remembered virtually nothing from the experience. Spencer had his hands full trying to get me up to speed on the process.
The thing is he made it look so easy and in a sense he did make easy. Like Meg said in her post about her experience, Spencer basically did all the hard work. Could I now make a slikscreen print all on my own? Probably not. But the cool thing is I won't have to. It was so much fun watching my image evolve one color at a time that I'm definitely going to be making some more, a lot more, with Spencer of course. And who knows, maybe after my 6th or 7th poster I'll be familiar enough with the process that I'll be able to take the training wheels off.

Not only did Spencer hold my hand through the printing process, he also did the coloring of the drawing for me and as you can see, he did an amazing job of it. Is there nothing this kid can't do? This was a collaboration of the best kind and hopefully Spencer and popidiot will be collaborating on many more projects in the very near future. Stayed tuned for exciting updates."

-- Kelly

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