Sunday, August 24, 2008

Long overdue update, and a blast from the past!

Phew! Its been a while. We had to leave the internets to lie dormant while we've been busy gearing up for the next couple of shows and reorganizing our print space. It's good to see the old www is still where we left it.

There's been a lot going on. We officially launched the T shirt printing studio in Popidiot's basement and we can't wait to print up a few new shirts! We have tons of projects coming down the pipe line, but the only one I can leak to the public right now is the revival of a Team Eight classic, HORN. If you don't remember it, prepare to be perplexed:

This one was one of our original shirts from way back, a collaboration between Russ Gautier and Matt Deans and they disappeared fast. This time we're printing plenty of them on American Apparel shirts, so there will be enough for everyone. Besides, my old one has holes in it and doesn't fit quite like it used to.

So watch out for this shirt as well as new prints from Barry Bruner, Frans Boukas, Matt Deans, Spencer Hansen, Patrick Godfrey, and oh yeah, we heard a viscous rumor that THE Brian Ralph is working on something to please your hearts, their minds, and our vacuum table.

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