Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back From SPX

Alright! We're back from the Small Press Expo. Thanks to everyone who came out and good luck to those of you who took the risk in these financially perilous times and purchased one of our fine works. First off here's a pic of some of the rascals manning our table. Check out those hats! ( thanks Frans)

Peeps peruse our products

And the floor was packed

As usual we stumbled across some stuff we hadn't seen before and we liked it. Here's some:

Robert Goodin. I love this guy's cartooning and his simple brushy line. His humour is also very subtle and random and hilarious. He's got more comics on his blog.

POHADKY by Marek Colek and Pat Shewchuck. Wow. This book is full of gorgeously rendered and colored images that I think cover Grimm fairy tales. Very beautiful stuff. These two have an animation studio as well.

And this last one isn't a comic or Illustrator, but we found her book and it was wild. Shary Boyle is a scultpor among other things and her book Otherworld Uprising shows her porcelain figures that she fashioned using traditional techniques. Unsettling and amazing.

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