Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Protect unique, original, and handmade

Matt Deans has been working on designing some screen printed toys for Team Eight and through his research he stumbled across the following:

Remember the lead paint and choking hazard toy fiasco of last year? You know, the ones where all these large american toy companies imported toys that weren't exactly healthy for kids. Well, our legislators have come up with the CPSIA, which does a good job of setting high standards for toy manufacturing, but effectively makes it insanely expensive or illegal to sell original, small run, or unique handmade toys. Read about it at the link above. If you at all feel that its important to keep unique, original and handmade products, legal please notify your legislator. The Handmade Toy Alliance makes it very easy to do at their site.

Here's some of my favorite handmade toys I ran into in Baltimore this past year. They are all 100% unique and handmade with love from recycled clothes and linens. Check them out at

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