Sunday, August 30, 2009


Seen above: screen-printed poster to be cut vertically.

Seen above: select ceramic bones.

Friday, Sept. 4th
at the Lucent Phoenix Resource Center
located in Gallery5
200 W. Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23220
804 644 0005

When Dinos Ruled RVA! is a publics arts project as faux archaeological dig. There Once Was A Rebellion's (T.O.W.A.R.) Public Arts Collective has buried 20 sculpted ceramic "dinosaur bones" around the city of Richmond. Maps of the bones' whereabouts will be placed near the dig sites - as well as The Lucent Phoenix Resource Center - with clues to help the People of Richmond find them. People are then to take the bones to the Lucent Phoenix before or during the opening reception, Friday, September 4th, to receive a prize. The opening reception of When Dinos Ruled RVA! will include dino themed refreshments, cartoons, prizes, shirts, posters and more! Please joins us in this fun adventure to promote the public arts and acknowledge our magnificent predecessors whom have shared our planet earth.

Below are jpgs of the maps to find the dinosaurs. Just click on them to see a larger image. X MARKS THE SPOT!

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