Thursday, April 16, 2009

Screen Printed Show Posters, will the fame go to their little heads?

Since the late 1990's (remember when?) we've watched the return and rise of the screen printed show poster in a big way. By the mid-2000's (or mid-oughts) design outfits were popping up left and right who were able to make it by doing almost exclusively screen printed show posters. Show posters tend to be wildly unlimiting for the artist and designers creating them, so of course this produced tons of amazing examples of art from the last decade or so that also happen to be show posters. Its become a movement of sorts, spawning things like websites dedicated to only show posters, see Gigposters as well as their very own convention called Flatstock.

All this and outfits like Aesthetic Apparatus and the Bird Machine definitely played a role in exciting and inspiring us enough to kick off Team Eight in the first place.

Well these posters have come a long way and its not unlike witnessing one of your favorite bands finally make it big. I don't know who watches music videos anymore, compared to a live show or listening to an album, they can't help but seem a little cheesy, forced and awkward. Maybe we're all too busy enjoying the screen printed art instead. Either way the Thermals have a new video up, you can see it here: Thermals on Pitchfork. Its one of those bands-in-a-box videos, but plastering the walls are tons of amazing screen printed show posters! Talk about hitting the big time, they practically steal the show (the posters I mean). I can spot examples by tons of my favorite artists from the previously mentioned Aesthetic Apparatus to our good friend El Jefe (thanks for pointing this video out by way).

I guess we can expect to see posters going into rehab, shaving their heads, or trying to adopt babies soon. Or whatever it is you do when you're famous now a days.

Here's a probably illegal screen capture from the video. (don't kill us pitchfork):

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