Friday, May 8, 2009

Birthing Ugly

Brewed in the bars and backyard ramps of Richmond Virginia, Born Ugly Magazine is the voice and visual of the everyday skateboarder. With content focused on the lives of people that skateboard for the love of it, and not a paycheck, Born Ugly sets itself apart from the homogenized glut of skateboard mags currently saturating skateshop counters. Add to that layouts infused with illustration soaked in masonite dust and beer sweat, and you’ve got Born Ugly.

*spoiler alert* - This new local magazine features tons of illustration and other contributions from our very own JimBarf Callahan! And apparently you can be there tomorrow to witness the nasty nasty event of its first issue being, well, born:


MattDeans said...

lookin real good! (*boner*)

Christopher Soprano said...

I just checked out issue one; SICK LAYOUT. Love the illustrations integrated with the photos.


My art is HEAVILY influenced by skate art- especially Vernon Courtlandt Johnson and Jim Phillips.

I'd love to contribute my art to future issues.

Aside from my 20+ years of skating experience, I have over 10 years of magazine design experience.

If you need any help I'd be glad to pitch in.

I've just started a blog to share my

30 minute paintings,

and other work.

Hope you can check it out.

-Thank you