Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CRAFTY BASTARDS, I love Adams Morgan.

Our booth, just before the swarm arrived.

Well we just got back from Crafty Bastards in the very I-could-live-there neighborhood of DC known as Adams Morgan. The show was also very friendly. I have to admit it must have been the friendliest show I've ever attended. Not only did we get a large amount of space for a small fee, but there were literally a hundred volunteers walking around through out the day helping us load and unload our loot, keeping our stuff dry during the rainy spells and feeding us lunch. Whoever heard of feeding your vendors lunch. Comic Conventions need to stand up and take notes. Beyond that the crowd was huge, most of which walked or biked to the show and as a whole showed a lot more interest and were a lot more interactive than I'm used to. The only downside of the day was I was so busy talking with people about posters and shirts and printing that I didn't even have time for my own family and friends who came by to see us. Sorry guys and thanks for coming out to support. And of course I couldn't have made it through with help from Carra whose jewelry made a killing at her Face Metal booth.
So if you missed this show, come by next time. Here's some of the people we met. The list is short because we were too busy to interact with very many vendors:

Dirty Pictures - honest to goodness hand done silk screened posters in DC.

El Jefe - silk screened rock posters in DC.

These guys I guess are competitors in the same market, but they're both real nice guys and I hope there will always be plenty of work for the both of them.

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