Monday, September 22, 2008


There's a lot of talk about 'art' these days.  What does it mean, what should it mean, how does it make me feel, does it drive people to I the only one who's just plain sick of it all?

We've been dealing with art for a long time, and it's about time that someone took a stand and said 'enough.'  

It's the 21st century, gangsters.  Do we still really need this stuff?  I can see how 600 years ago some cave folk thought it was pretty keen to scratch a crude drawing of a dog on the wall.  What a talking point that must have been.  "Everyone, come quick!  See what Skyler made on the wall!"

You know who wasn't too thrilled?  The other cave people that lived in that cave.  Suddenly they had all these strangers coming in and messing the place up.   And then right away all the other cave people were like, man I can do that.  Thus forever ruining a bunch of formerly pristine caves.

You want to know how long it took for the first name to be dropped after the first 'art' was made?  About a pico second.  These cave people were all like "yeah, Skyler and I were out clubbing stuff and he suddenly saw this tree and was like, I gotta etch that." 
And let's face it, things haven't changed that much.  Does  it really take a visionary to look at a tree and think that they should capture that in crayon?

If art is ever going to be good, it's time that we branch out.  Maybe start jiggling around with the human genome, make a dude with horns or something.  Now that would be neat.  Or maybe if someone could come up with a painting that inspired not awe or tears or whatever, but inspired someone to go out and build a car.  Not that I want to do that.  But let's get practical.

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