Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our 44th President in Print

To Honor this exciting bit of history, here are a few of the many screen printed posters and shirts that were inspired during this past campaign:

The above was an offering by OBEYGIANT. This screenprint was 24 X 36, three colors and printed as an edition of 350. The proceeds went to fund a larger Obama poster campaign. I particularly love the OBAMA/OBEY logo on Obama's lapel.

This one above was by artist David Choe and later screen printed by Burlesque of Minneapolis as an eight color screen print at 19 x 24. Check out here for some amazing shots of the print process.

Above, this print by Half and Half is a five color screen print on 19x25 Cougar Natural. It features an interesting collage method.

This limited edition print can be found at the etsy store of misterpeach Dimensions are 15" wide by 21" tall. All prints are signed and numbered. The edition has been limited to 30 prints. 10% of the proceeds from this print will go to benefit the Obama campaign.

This one or "That One" rather was by Justin Hampton. A five color print in various shades of metallic silver ink on 100 lb acid free paper stock measuring 24"x24". Signed and numbered edition of only 200 copies.

This was a print by Leia Bell. 12x17 inches / 5-color screenprint / Edition of 120 / 2008

And our friend El Jefe

The following were all commissioned by Upper Playground as part of an amazing collaborative campaign linking artists with Burlesque to screen these amazing posters. The above David Choe print was part of this project.

This is by Cody Hudson.

This one is by Burlesque themselves.

This one is by Sam Flores.

This one is by Alex Pardee.

There's tons more out there but blogging doesn't pay the bills so I'm out.

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