Thursday, January 22, 2009

El Jefe Poster for The Raveonettes

My good friend and fellow illustrator Bob Scott invited me to join him to see the Raveonettes this past Saturday at the Black Cat in DC. Being a big fan of the band it didn't take much convincing and to make it even sweeter Bob said he'd do the driving. When I went to the Black Cat's website to see about getting my ticket I was pleasantly surprised to see that another pal of mine, Rockville MD graphic designer, illustrator and all around great guy El Jefe (aka Jeffery Wright) had done the poster for the show. I promptly emailed him to see if he'd be attending the show and he responded that yes, he and his lovely wife Kelly would see us there and he'd have a little surprise for me. As I had hoped the surprise was a copy of the poster he'd done for the show and to make it even cooler it was signed by Sharin and Sune of The Raveonettes. Note to self, go to more shows that El Jefe does the poster for and ask him to meet me at said show.

Oh yeah, the band, they tore the house down.

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