Thursday, January 22, 2009

Italian Film & Food Fest 2008

This was another collaboration with Spencer. Unlike my previous experience which was my first time working with Spencer, I had no reservations. I knew I was in good hands and this time I asked him if he wouldn't mind doing the design as well as the color and of course he didn't hesitate and as you can see he did his usual bang up job. This is the second poster that I've had the pleasure of working on for the Italian Film and Food Festival. The festival is sponsored By Ed of MammaZu and 8 1/2 and Brad of Edo's Squid. We worked with Ed on it and he proved again to be the model client.


bizhan said...

I was wondering who did these. Great work!

Robert Ullman said...

I really dig the gradient effect on the beam of light from the projector and the figure...nice job, boys!