Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February goes on forever! It's the week of wrapping up old projects. This is proving to be a long and uncomfortable process, but it's nice to get these dudes out the door. Here's the final mockup of the cardboard cutout figure i've been meaning to finish designing.

We are going to screenprint cardboard and have it laser-cut so the finish product will be wedged-together pieces that are somewhat modular. Soon, the specs will be put together on paper with visual guides for anyone who wants to make one that matches this batch. That way, we can mix and match each others' parts. Isn't that ultimately what human relationships are all about?


Another Limited Rebellion said...

Dude, that looks wicked cool! Love the view inside the mouth!

Frans Boukas said...

This is even more intense than I thought it would be. The always amazing and tangible clean line+flat color brings even more depth to this piece in 3-D. I can't wait to find a home for one of these. You gotta post the layers!!!

popidiot said...

My God Man, are you insane?

Love it.

bizhan said...

I am afraid this might eat me.

Great work!

Nicholas Di Genova said...

This looks AMAZING!