Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Flag

I made it as a One Flag finalist. You can vote here.

I am not asking you to vote for me, but it would be wonderful if you did.

My Flag (All For One)

My Description
The black flag has been used to embody the idea of global citizenship since the 1880's. It represents the absence of a flag, therefore, the absence of nations and of borders.

The addition of the circle is intended - like many tribal cultures - to illustrate a decentralized social structure. The circle doubles as a globe without any natural distinctions or borders.

The flag is asymmetrical allowing for it to be displayed in such a way that it implies times of distress or of peace.

The simple flag design allows for easy reproduction. Anybody can easily draw a rectangle with an offset circle in it. Symbols easy to reproduce ensure longevity and have a viral effect. One need not rely on expensive reproduction methods to create their own flag or scrawl it's image on a wall.


1 comment:

Team 8 Press said...

Bizhan, after looking at the other entries, particularly the ones leading in votes, I was very impressed with your understanding or intentions for this One Flag.

Your design and description suggest that global citizenship means more than just observing that we all happen to inhabit a single planet. Rather, a real global citizenship movement would involve masses of people banding together to deny the will of their countries' media, corporations, and governments to pit them against each other in a scheme to generate money or power for an insulated few.

The flag itself would be extremely secondary to the movement. A simple, dramatic, and easy to reproduce image would quickly become the subversive shorthand for a revolution. I love the thought of the flag becoming graffiti and viral propaganda.

Kudos, and I hope your image continues to garner more support especially when compared to the shortsighted, exclusive, poorly-concepted, 'I-design-so-pretty-cuz-my-parents-bought-me-adobe-illustrator', and ultimately pointless design that's got so many votes right now.