Friday, February 27, 2009

A little poster work on the side for El Jefe

I've been doing quite a bit of screen printing for clients lately. One of the more interesting designers I've been printing for is Jeffery Everett, aka El Jefe. He makes rock posters mostly for bands playing in DC, but occasionally he'll do a Richmond show. He also has a thing for Luchadores. He keeps popping up on this blog.

Here's two of his designs that recently I had the pleasure of swiping onto posters for him:

Yes, this one does feature a different Mexican Wrestler for every letter of the alphabet. I have to admit, the semi-transparent yellow layer that I laid down over the green layer had me worried that it was too opaque, but I guess Jeff was happy with it.
And here's an alternate version:

This next one Jeff designed for a Blitzen Trapper show at the Black Cat. That is gold ink and it really, really wanted to stop up my screen. Near the end of the run I was swiping three times over to get good coverage. But I was very proud of my precise trapping on this one.

I believe these, as well as many other of El Jefe's great posters, are available on his site And with any luck, I'll be printing a lot more of his upcoming work.


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popidiot said...

Great posters Spencer. I love El Jefe's work and not just because he included us in the 1000 Garment Graphics book.

I hadn't seen the Blitzen Trapper poster before. And as always you've done an amazing job with the printing.