Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hey kids, just wanted to post some recent work because it doesn't happen very often. Any feedback would totally rule.


Team 8 Press said...

For the underground dude. The yellow surface seems a little awkward to me. I think its because the texture that fades into the flat yellow does it on a flat horizon. If it curved like the cutaway of the edge of the ground, maybe it would pull it all together more. And that empty space in the row of plants. Does that make any sense?

I'm really into the subtle textures sprinkle among the mostly flat color application. I think you straddled a good line between simplicity and creating depth.

popidiot said...

Your drawing is crazy beautiful as always but I think if the color seemed less out of the tube and the contrast of the hues in the skin tones was a little less pronounced it would allow the line work to take center stage as it should. Because your work can be so insanely detailed you don't want the other elements to compete with that, they should subtly reinforce it.

That's why for me the Boukas piece is such a joy to look at, there's nothing to distract me from the line work and your gloriously deranged imagination.